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Немного об усыновлении русских детей иностранцами

1: ...we're also going through immense amounts of paperwork trying to adopt a baby girl from Russia. Both governments want to know everything about you--finances, personal history--everything, before they'll even start the adoption paperwork.
Bella: Well that's good to know that they don't just hand over these children...
Terri: Exactly. There are some awful people out there and while it's a lot of red tape, it's in the best interest of the children that they know who these people are that are adopting.

2:GGA: What was the process of adopting from Russia like?

TN: At times it was FUCKING HELL! Russia changed the rules frequently in the 2 years it took for us to bring Natalie home, and had all kinds of crazy hoops we had to jump through for reasons we still don’t understand. The plus is that, unlike America, the birthmother can never come after you and get her kid back (the major reason we did not adopt in the States). The minus is you have absolutely no power or say in the process of adopting your kid in Russia; you either do everything they say or don’t do it. Unlike IVF, it’s not a crapshoot; you WILL end up with a probably great child. With everything I went through, I STILL recommend wholeheartedly adopting abroad. I would go through every moment of heartbreak, rage, despair and hopelessness again 10 times for my Natalie Joy. She’s worth it all. However I will never do it again; we have 3 kids in the house now and I’m done


GGA: Who inspires you?

TN: ...My daughter who lived in an underfunded orphanage for the first year of her life, abandoned, alone and given barely enough food to survive, who’s been through more hardship already than anyone I know, who’s someone my husband and I already aspire to be like, one of the kindest souls we’ve ever met...


Кто такая - можно почитать вот тут.
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